Meet The Team

Our team has combined experience of over 75 years of proven expertise in:

• Conventional Mortgage

• VA Loans

• FHA Loans

• Rural/USDA Home Loans

• Jumbo Financing

• Renovation Financing & New Construction

• Access to Down Payment Assistance Programs


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 Kevin Erickson/Loan Officer


 NMLS# 1482354

Kevin Erickson ~ Loan Originator

Kevin is going on his 14th year in the mortgage business. He comes from a payroll/HR background and is well known by his friends and clients alike for his amazing communication skills. 15 years ago, he experienced a mortgage nightmare of his own, and after that, thought “what if I were to bring integrity and heart to this business?” 14 years later, Kevin has done exactly that wherever he’s gone and whatever he’s done along the way. He’s always mindful of your needs, struggles, and frustrations as he’s been there before.

What Kevin loves: Any sort of outdoor adventure, live music, and being with family and friends. Nikki, and his 5 kids, keep them busy and he loves every minute of it. Whether it’s skiing, boating, traveling, or playing board games, quality time together is everything to Kevin. Both he and Nikki’s hearts are in Arizona and they love that they have expanded their business there so they can visit often, while still being able to operate in Minnesota as well.

What you’ll love about him: When you talk to Kevin, you instantly realize he is genuinely listening to you and is interested in what you are saying. It’s never in one ear and out the other with Kevin, he’s always focused on you. He has a huge heart, which drives him in everything he does, and he truly wants to help you and what is best for you in your life.

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 Nikki Erickson/Loan Officer


 NMLS# 1057833


Nikki Erickson ~ Loan Originator

Nikki has worked in a multitude of facets in the mortgage industry for 20 years. This is the only career she has ever had, as she has a real passion for helping people and knows she can do it in this industry. She prides herself on helping clients make the biggest financial decision of their lives in the best possible way for their family, always being mindful of what they’re going through and just how important of a decision this is for their future.

What Nikki loves: Live music, being social, and meeting new people. She has fun sharing her passion for wine with her many friends and family, and she is a great cook who not only enjoys making the food, but decorating the table or “table scaping” as she calls it. She loves the 5 kids she shares with Kevin. Friends are family to Nikki and are very important to her.

What you’ll love about her: In one word - her Passion. It’s contagious, and it can’t help but make you want to push yourself towards your goals. She wants you to be passionate and confident in any decision you make or anything you do. She loves to laugh and her smile completely lights up a room, as she is always genuine and truly cares for her friends. In general, she is just one of those people you want to be around and have in your life in some way.

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Monica Trevino/Junior Loan Officer


NMLS# 1648993   

Team Fax: 844.319.1470

Monica Trevino ~ Junior Loan Officer

Monica has been with our team for about a year. She comes from the non-profit industry background, and with that, she brings her amazing communication skills, both in English and Spanish, along with her caring heart and a drive toward common goals within the team and with shows we work with

What Monica loves: She runs regularly and loves upcycling furniture, reading and travel. With her life going through changes recently, her new favorite thing is trying activities she’s never done before. For example, this year she’s stepping out of her comfort zone and doing all sorts of fun adventures like skydiving, running a marathon for each of her kids, and scuba diving (once she finishes getting certified). Her greatest love and joy are her 4 kids.

What you’ll love about her: She is a great listener and loves meeting new people and learning about what makes them tick. She has a big heart and is always keeping your best interests in mind, while making sure you’re happy and satisfied with everything happening throughout the whole process.

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Karen Anderson ~ Senior Loan Processor

For over 30 years, Karen has been involved in almost every facet of the mortgage industry. She intentionally went back into processing several years ago, as this is the area of mortgage lending she enjoys most and claims she can do it in her sleep. She loves to have a connection with anyone she’s working with - whether that be the rest of the team or any of the clients during the loan process. She prides herself on her

organizational and communication skills, which she applies to keep files moving even when there’s difficulties.

What Karen loves: She loves people and truly enjoys talking with clients and helping them get into their dream home. She has a knack for bringing people together. (ask Nikki and Kevin about this) She enjoys anything to do with water: from swimming, to boating, and everything in between.

What you’ll love about her: She genuinely cares about you and when you talk to her you will get that feeling very quickly. Her goal is to get people into homes and prides herself on her ability to see the best in everyone. She will treat you like you have always known her and are a dear friend before, during, and after the loan process. She is funny, loves a good joke and laughs easily, so she can keep you calm and laughing even at the most stressful of times.